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We bring you truly natural, cruelty-free skincare that provides results you can see & feel. We believe skincare should be simple & effective and add enjoyment to your daily routine. See Our Featured Products

 Certified Organic Acne Defence Serum Caring Compounds Certified Organic Acne Defence Serum Caring Compounds

Certified Organic Acne Defence Serum

Contains antioxidants and skin smoothening botanicals

Rs. 1,450
 Certified Organic Advanced Pigmentation Correction formula Caring Compounds Certified Organic Advanced Pigmentation Correction formula Caring Compounds

Certified Organic Advanced Pigmentation Correction formula

Help reduce dark spots and melanin pigments.

Rs. 1,550
 Certified Organic Anti Pollution Day Detox Cream Caring Compounds Certified Organic Anti Pollution Day Detox Cream Caring Compounds

Certified Organic Anti Pollution Day Detox Cream

Helps protect skin against dust, pollution and UV radiation

Rs. 1,200

Real Transformations

“My breakouts have reduced drastically, and the serum works well for my acne prone skin.”

Shop Certified Organic Acne Defence Serum

“This formulation works very well for me !! The skin appears supple and even. Love the product.”

Shop Advanced Pigmentation Correction formula

“Great for sensitive skin! It did not cause any burning or irritation to my sensitive skin.”

Shop Repair + Nourish Under Eye Serum

"I use it daily in the morning & the product has shown some visible difference on my skin."
- Neha


Anti-Pollution Day Dexot Cream

"This product has worked wonders for me, as soon as I apply this lotion the skin feels very nourished."
- Sarika


Skin Lift + Firming lotion

"It is a must have serum in your night routine, just remember to be regular and have patience!"
- Neelam


Repair + Nourish Under Eye Serum

Why Us ??

Easy to use, highly efficient and Organic Certified, doesn’t it sound like a dream come true?
We believe the right technology can bring you closer to the elements of Earth and fill you with spirit, life and energy

Specialized Ingredient

At Caring Compounds we believe that there is “Strength in Unity”. Every effective formulation is a result of not just 1 ingredient but the synergy of ingredients which converts into effective results. We believe that every ingredient can deliver if used correctly. All ingredients used by us are highly targeted to the concerns we strive to solve.

Thoughtful Formulations

Modest skincare solutions that pack potent anti-ageing benefactors blended with an inventive take on organic wellbeing. Every product under the umbrella of Caring Compounds is a result of 2 years of research , infinite questions and a Mission in mind. The formulations have been specifically crafted to be a “One problem one Solution “ go to product in your skincare regime.

We Care

Caring Compounds is on a mission to transform the routines of modern women with highly specialized products that deliver care on the daily. The products are especially crafted for women to help them battle signs of aging and make them understand why these products are important in their daily routine.

Truly Honest

Caring Compounds aims to deliver high-performance honest- to-good products that promise to care for you with time Every Caring Compound product is crafted with a cause, a mission and an honest heart. The brand is a compounded journey of honest experiences that we believe will change the routines of the women of today to more caring ones. All products are Certified Organic, Dermatologically tested ,Cruelty Free & Vegan

From us to You

We believe in complete transparency & create products that are good to your skin and good to the planet

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The women of today believe in balance. While they are busy working on their successful careers, social circle, family life and passion towards life, they also consider personal care as a big part of their daily life. After all, the happiness that steams from within is the joy that follows you around.

My Mom’s journey towards ageing is what inspired me to develop this brand. Her struggle during that phase in not finding the right product (most of them being chemically-driven) is what lead me on a journey I am proud of today. Caring Compounds is committed to working towards various social causes especially Child Education. Clean. Caring. Organic Certified. Every Caring Compounds product delivers our commitment to honesty and adheres to the global COSMOS standard at every level - right from ingredient sourcing and product formulation to production, packaging and everything in-between. The COSMOS ORGANIC certification at Caring Compounds is a journey to win your confidence.


Founder, Caring Compounds