Organic vs. Conventional Skincare: Which is Better?

Are you one of those people who are confused about deciding between organic skincare and conventional skincare? Don't worry. You are not alone to confuse about picking the right products for your skincare. The world is demanding natural ingredients in beauty products, but it is challenging to identify the real organic ones.

Many brands have developed a positive reputation by offering organic skincare products. However, read the ingredients label carefully to ensure you get the best product.

Whenever you search for these products on Google, you will find an N number of results with the term 'organic' in the search pages. The points below will help you distinguish between products with conventional labels and products with 100% organic ingredients.

Before we elaborate on the differentiation, we must understand both skincare products.

Understanding the Organic Skin Care

Skin care that uses natural ingredients and avoids synthetic chemicals is called organic skin care. It nourishes the skin using plant-derived ingredients, botanical extraction, and other naturally occurring essences. All organic skin care products are free from artificial fragrances, dyes, and other potentially harmful ingredients.

These products are not only dermatologically friendly, but they also give skin a smooth texture and do not cause any harm to skin cells. Consequently, there is no need to worry about any irritation or side effects when using these products.

Understanding Conventional Skincare

A regular skincare product typically contains scientifically-derived or modified ingredients made from a blend of natural components. Unfortunately, these formulations may include artificial fragrances, and glitters, which can cause long-term adverse effects on skin health.

Studies have indicated that many of these chemicals can be absorbed through the skin, potentially leading to a buildup of toxins in the body.

Chemical skin care products typically contain 15 to 50 different ingredients or combinations. Research has uncovered that women use a minimum of nine to fifteen personal care items daily, exposing their skin to 500 and 515 chemicals daily.

Organic vs. Conventional Skincare- The Difference

We have compared the introduction of both products and found a significant difference between them. Thus, we must analyze which one is better suited for the skin.

So, let's discuss more differentiation between them.

1. The Difference in Ingredients

Brands create skincare ranges using natural ingredients. However, conventional formulations may utilize synthetic ingredients that immediately affect the skin.

We see the same elements in both products. But it does not mean all the ingredients are naturally derived.

To ensure our skin is kept safe, we cannot use artificially-injected oranges as our skincare ingredient. However, an organic orange is good for our skin as it is grown without synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides.

Manufacturers choose GMO-free and certified organic ingredients to craft a safe and effective organic skin care product.

At Caring Compounds, obtaining an Ecocert certification was not a requirement but rather a way of showing our customers that we are committed to their health and safety. We guarantee that when we say organic, we mean it!

Why Ecocert?

Ecocert is an organic certification organization. The approach follows a holistic approach and lays down stringent standards for manufacturing processes. Everything from the procurement of ingredients to what goes on the label to the finished product is closely monitored.

2. Differentiation Of Cost

The higher quality ingredients used in organic skin care products tend to make them more expensive than conventional ones. Conventional ones contain harsh chemicals that can remove natural oils from your skin. Organic products may also have no side effects, such as irritation or breakouts, because they don't have any synthetic fragrances.

Organic vs. Conventional Skincare: Which is Better?

The above differentiation states that organic skincare products suit our skin and environment. Therefore, choosing organic products for your skin has numerous compelling reasons. Some of them are:

1. Better for your skin's long-term health

We choose skin care products without knowing what ingredients have been used in the products. As a result, in the long run, we may experience skin issues like acne breakouts, premature aging, and clogged pores.

By choosing organic products, we give our skin the goodness of nature. Organic skincare products contain higher levels of glow-enhancing antioxidants that absorb into the skin, prevent free radical damage, increase collagen production, and improve blood circulation.

2. They are Nutrient Rich

The products contain ingredients extracted from high-nutrient seeds like rosehip, olive, hempseed, argan, and jojoba. They are active oil products with rich micro & macro nutrients like vitamins, botanical antioxidants, flavonoids, polyphenols, and natural con-enzymes.

These ingredients strengthen the nutrient content and build a good composition that shows their effects outside through beautiful and glowing skin.

3. Cruelty-free products

The beauty and personal care industry needs help with animal testing. When you choose to go organic, you support safe and cruelty-free beauty.


So, which is better?

Without a doubt, organic skincare is superior to conventional skincare. Like how consuming healthy foods can improve our health, organic skincare products are gentler and more suitable for our skin. Using organic and natural skin products for the first time will give you a sense of optimism and well-being.