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As an individual each one of us has a responsibility towards the ones who need love, care and respect. We strongly believe that it is our duty to contribute in bringing social change and setting an example where others can follow us towards building a better society.

Our Responsiblity Images

Educating Women of Tomorrow

Our Responsiblity Images
Our Responsiblity Images Our Responsiblity Images

Any nation,city,society or home is incomplete without woman. What they contribute to the society is unmatched and beyond words. We believe that the best way to make girls independent is by educating them. With right education not only can they change their lives but can also contribute to the society in ways one can't even imagine. The school that you see in the pictures is a Gurukul named Shrimad Dayanand Kanya Gurukul Mahavidyalaya Chotipura situated in Amroha, 2.5 hours drive form Delhi.

Gurukul is a living embodiment of vedic principles and Indian culture. It is a center fit for academic pursuits and harmonious development of the individual ,situated in silent, serene and dust-free solitudes.

Our Founder Shubhita is deeply connected to the institution since last 10 years and also helps in bearing education and living expenses of many girls so that they can be the “ Women of Tomorrow”

Caring Compounds is pledged to contribute a share of there earnings towards the education and living expenses of these girls

Sustainable Ingredients

All ingredients that we use are biodegradable and safe for the planet. We believe what comes from the soil shall bury in soil without effecting the earth in any negative way. All ingredients we use are ethically sourced and of highest efficacy standards.

Our Responsiblity Images

Because we Owe them

We cant thank enough our Jawans who sacrifice their lives on duty without caring for there own loved ones. Caring Compounds is pledged to donate a percentage of their incomes to the Welfare Fund of Army Widows and Children