"It was not an easy decision to create a skincare brand that meets the highest standards of efficacy and is certified organic with global appeal to it.
Being a mother of 2, I had my own share of challenges while balancing things between both the worlds. We felt that word Organic is misused too much these days an people are not well informed of what an Organic product truly means. Moreover being women and faced skin challenges on daily basis myself I was determined to do something for women around me to target concerns which are most of the times unaddressed."



Our mission to transform the routines of modern women with highly specialized products that deliver care on the daily.

Expert Care for
the Women of today

Caring Compounds is a brand for modern women that lead hectic lifestyles and as a result have compromised skincare regimes. Targeting the well-informed, clean beauty forward and socially responsible women the brand has been designed for women who seek high performance skincare that brings visible results and are on lookout for brand that delivers products which are effective and adheres to global standards.

At Caring Compounds, we believe womanhood is just not about being responsible, committed to others but also taking care of yourself and


who you are !!

How Caring
Compounds was born??

Caring Compounds is a story of nature's anti-ageing wonders and the inspiring women around us. When I couldn't bring myself to entrust my skin's wellbeing to beauty brands in the market. laden with harmful chemicals, and natural in claims only, I looked to the experiences of other women.

The struggles of ageing as experienced by my mother exposed me to a lifestyle that revolved around healthy skincare practices and introduced me to a holistic approach to anti-ageing. Watching my mother's battle, I grew privy to the concerns with ageing and issues with skincare on the shelves.

The Caring Compounds journey began with my mother, my biggest inspiration. In her formative years, when she suffered from a severe case of acute Melasma, she turned to accessible plant-powered recipes & organic treatments for remedy. My early years were spent close to nature where I explored the world of organics under the guidance of my father.

My closeness to nature and affinity for the organics inspired a deep passion for crafting high-performance anti-ageing creations that strike a delicate balance between science and nature. At Caring Compounds, we believe in Earth's purest innovations, and we aspire to deliver it directly to you with our fresh organic blends.

Nature Driven Results Backed by Science

We firmly believe that nature has answers to all your skincare requirements if rightly backed by science. Both of them go hand in hand and if synchronized correctly can deliver the best possible results.

At Caring Compounds the formulations are the right mix of both Nature & Science to create effective results.