At Caring Compounds, we believe in the power of organic & natural ingredients, and is the reason why our skincare formulations work alongside and in harmony with your body rather than against it.

‘Organic’ is a big buzzword in the skincare industry, but what does it really mean? When it comes to skincare ingredients, organic imply means that little to no artificial chemicals or methods are used when producing or sourcing the ingredients. This means that not only are they a lot better for your skin, but also a lot better for the environment too. We always display the organic content of each product clearly on each label, next to the natural percentage, so you can see exactly know what you are using.

10 Reasons

To Trust Us

It was always important for us to be transparent, trustworthy and dependable as a brand. Though the count is much more than 10 to sum up why we are good but still, we have narrowed it down to 10 most important reasons as “Why you should choose us”? We strongly believe that as a brand, our responsibility doesn’t restrict to our customers only, but we are also answerable to the planet, animals, and environment.

COSMOS Certified Organic

All our products adhere to the standards of Ecocert, a global leader in certification in organic farming and organic cosmetics.

All the products marketed with the Ecocert logo as COSMOS organic have been verified from composition to processing and packaging. Consumers are thus given transparent information on the content of natural and organic ingredients displayed on the products.

Dermatological Tested

Are the products safe for your skin? All products at Caring Compounds are dermatologically tested for skin safety and irritation.

Cruelty Free & Vegan

As we all know, PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals & is the world's largest organization working towards the rights and protection of animals. All the products at Caring Compounds are PETA certified, which means we do not in any way practice or promote any harm to any animal for making, testing our product or for any other reason. Caring Compounds is also a Vegan Brand.

Potent Botanicals

We believe mother earth has the most powerful ingredients to offer when it comes to skincare. All our products carry natural extracts that have been proven for their strong benefits and are purest to the core.

No Artificial Colour

Artificial colours is just not our style, and we completely refrain from using them.

No Synthetic Fragrance Oils

Synthetic fragrances are mixtures of various chemicals which come from petroleum or crude oil.

At Caring Compounds, we do not use any kind of synthetic fragrances that may be bad for your skin and for the planet.

Sustainable Packaging

The packaging we use is all sustainable and does not harm the environment in any way.

No Sulphates No Parabens

We avoid using any nasty chemicals in our products which may harm your skin in a longer run, hence all the products are free from Sulphates or Parabens.

GMO Free

Every ingredient used in our products is safe and sustainable. We source all our ingredients ethically, which are best for both you and the planet.