Home Remedies To Remove Tan From Hand And Face

A common skin condition that could occasionally interfere with your skincare routine is pigmentation and tanning. Your skin may develop many black patches that are difficult to remove. There are numerous reasons besides sunbathing that may contribute to tanning. Tanning can be a problem not only during the summer, but also during winter.

You might need to sunbathe to absorb nutrients like vitamin D, but occasionally, it cannot be excellent for your skin. For example, if you sit in the sun and are exposed to UV rays, your body will produce more melanin. Therefore, applying sunscreen to protect your skin from direct contact with UV rays is recommended.

How to Remove Tan Using Home Remedies?

According to ancient Ayurvedic studies, turmeric, saffron, sugar, and nut-based oils are said to be effective treatments for skin tanning. In this post, we’ll discuss easy home remedies for eliminating tanning from your skin.

These natural home cures for sun tan removal will help, whether you have a tan from wandering around the city or lounging at a beach vacation for days.
They can be used to eliminate tanning from any part of your body, including your neck, feet, arms, and hands.

1. Lemon Juice and Honey:

Add some freshly squeezed lemon juice with honey. After applying the combination to your skin, please wait 30 minutes before removing it with a gentle cleaner. The lemon juice can also be combined with sugar to create a scrub. This will also remove dead skin cells from the surface and eliminate tan.

Lemon juice has a bleaching effect that speeds up tan removal. This is because it has a lot of vitamin C, an excellent tan-removing ingredient. In addition, lemons contain citric acid, which aids in clearing up acne and lightening scars.

2. Oatmeal And Buttermilk:

One of the sure-shot home remedies to remove tan is to soak 2 teaspoons of oatmeal for about 5 minutes in a half cup of water and then add it to 2-3 tablespoons of fresh buttermilk. You can also add honey to increase moisture.

Apply the paste you create from these ingredients to your face, neck, arms, and other tan-affected regions. Circularly rub the area and leave it alone for around 20 minutes. Wash off to reveal skin that looks younger and fresher.

Oatmeal has excellent skin cleansing and exfoliating properties. Buttermilk has many lactic acids, which lighten, soften, and even skin tone.

3. Coconut Milk:

Soak a cotton ball or pad in coconut milk for a few minutes and then apply it on your face. Please keep it on until it dries or is absorbed into the skin. Then, wash it off using a gentle cleaner.

For the skin, coconut milk is incredibly moisturizing and nourishing. It aids in replacing moisture that has been lost. The mild acids and vitamin C it contains help in removing tan at home.

4. Sandalwood and Turmeric:

Adding sandalwood and turmeric to either plain or coconut milk is one of the best and oldest home remedies to remove tan from your skin. Sandalwood offers calming and cooling qualities that help soothe sun-damaged skin. To get rid of tan, milk’s exfoliating capabilities and turmeric’s medicinal benefits complement each other effectively.

5. Multani Mitti And Rose Water:

Add Multani Mitti to rose water and make a smooth paste. For a more calming effect, use pure rose water. On the affected areas, spread a thin paste coating and let it dry. Remove using water or a gentle cleaner. Multani Mitti effectively cools and relieves sunburns. Additionally, it takes the tan off and makes your skin glow.

Multani Mitti can be made more effective by adding sandalwood, turmeric, tomato juice, lime juice, milk, honey, and rose water.

6. Aloe Vera:

Cut the aloe vera plant in half, then scoop out the gel with a spoon or knife. Apply aloe vera gel on tan-affected areas. Before washing it off, let it stay on for 10 to 15 minutes.

Juice from aloe vera leaves soothes and cures the skin. Additionally, it has a calming effect and soothes sunburns and tans, making it one of the ideal home remedies for getting rid of tanning.


Drink at least 15 to 20 glasses of water daily to ensure you are always hydrated. In addition, use organic products for pigmentation, consume skin-friendly meals, such as fruits and vegetables, in salads, steamed vegetables, juices, and smoothies to increase your intake of antioxidants. Such a diet will assist you in removing tan and in maintaining good skin.

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